Our Personality

What we do...

We provide exceptional Board level and senior management people to our clients across the UK transport sector, specifically rail.

We build relationships with key influencers, clients and candidates alike.

This includes people who are looking for their next permanent role and industry professionals who provide interim management consultancy.

We pride ourselves on our level of understanding of the issues and challenges faced by our client organisations.


We work tirelessly to ensure that we remain ahead of the curve in terms of spotting future trends, and ensuring that our strong and diverse professional network supports our clients through the immense change and transformation we are seeing in the UK rail industry.

What People Are Saying About Us...

  • Intuitive really understand what I'm looking for - they're not just selling me a resource. They really understand their candidates and do their homework. Thorough - very thorough
    FR-H (Client)
  • They know their candidates really well - they have had personal engagement with them and is able to talk with some authority about their experiences and skills.
    AC (Client)
  • Nina knows whether it's a project for me. She invested time to get to know me. It saves me a lot of time, and I know that if Nina calls, then I really need to take notice.
    TD (Candidate)
  • Intuitive make us contractors feel special, like you're not on your own, not commodities.
    DS (Candidate)
  • To the wonderful girls at Team Intuitive, you have been awesome this year and I look forward to 2018 with you
    DS (Candidate)
  • Thank you for all your hard work! It's a pleasure to work with you. You are all absolute stars!
    AB (Candidate)
  • I've never met a recruiter quite like Nina, and that's a good thing!
    LMcA (Candidate)
  • Caroline has a great approach to her work which has a positive effect on those that work with her. In a world where the focus is often on achieving targets and objectives Caroline doesn't forget the fact that she is working with people.
    IJ (Candidate)
  • Caroline is rare in the world of recruitment - genuine, sincere and great fun to work with. I would certainly recommend Caroline and Nina at Intuitive if you are after a personalised, professional service -either as a candidate or advertising a vacancy
    MM (Candidate)
  • I must say that the quality of candidates is consistently excellent.
    CH (Client)
  • Intuitive are different, they really know their stuff about the rail industry and are always my first port of call for great candidates”
    AJH (Client)