CV’s – What’s the latest thinking?

CVs have been around for decades and have become one of the most popular ways to demonstrate our skills, experiences and qualifications to future employers.

CVs come in all sorts of formats, there is no “right” way.  I must have read thousands of CVs over the years and have seen a real variety.  A CV really is a personal thing which needs to be right for YOU and just as importantly the role you are applying for.

If you search “CV help” in Google, over 79,300, 000 results appear!!!  WOW!!!

So, where do you start if you want to improve your CV? What is the latest thinking? 

Updating your CV doesn’t have to be an onerous task …. honest!

Here are my tips to improve your CV and stand out from the crowd

  • Quality candidates will be able to demonstrate how they have made an impact on a company through their claimed skills and professional traits. For example, it’s easy to claim to be a great marketing professional, but proof through the inclusion of analytical results, engagement figures and revenue figures, adds weight to claims. Make sure you include all of this in your CV, a future employer will ask you about it so be prepared!
  • Candidates who have participated in CPD (Continual Professional Development) through formal or in-house training show a commitment to developing the skills and abilities relevant to their industry. Training shows the willingness to go above and beyond what is expected. Again, make sure it’s included.
  • When hiring for leadership positions evidence of steady and consistent promotions are a good indicator that a candidate can sustain enhanced job responsibilities. This means employers will be looking for evidence of relevant experience and increased responsibility during your career.  This will demonstrate your desire to develop and progress.  Bear this in mind when developing the narrative….
  • Winning or being nominated for a professional award seldom happens to under-performing individuals. Even if you didn’t win the award, being nominated shows you are highly regarded for a professional skill – so make sure it’s in there, don’t be shy!
  • Just be you, after all that’s the only person you can truly be. Show your personality through your words, talk with passion and be proud of what you have achieved.
  • Finally, the ‘career change’ challenge, transferable skills are key here. With more people changing industry (and more employers wanting multi-sector experience) candidates who explicitly refer to their relevant transferable skills are more likely to be favourably viewed by employers. Worth considering?

Beyond the CV

It’s no longer enough to send your CV off to a search business (like Intuitive) or direct to an employer and then leave it there…..why not explore the employers’ social media channels?  Absorb yourself in their business and culture?  Simple eh?  Any insights like this will help you understand if the employer is right for you as well as give you a head start with knowledge of the company.  Swotting up is critical, remember the old saying “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”, well this 100% matters in recruitment decision making.  I don’t know one employer who would hire a candidate who didn’t know much about their company, values, achievements etc.  Over the years I have seen many candidates who don’t bother to do this, believe me it still happens even at a senior level!

Also link your LinkedIn with your Twitter account, so LinkedIn updates appear there too.  It might not be as witty as your #GBBO tweets but it’s another way to represent who you are.  If you are not on Twitter yet, then I urge you to try it…..follow me @MrsRecruiter75

Visit these pages for some simple Twitter advice:

If you prefer a book to read, I would recommend Twitter, Power 3.0 by Joel Comm & Dave Taylor.

Good luck, go for it!  Let me know how you get on with your CV and on Twitter, I would be thrilled to hear from you.