Your Journey to Becoming
an Intuitive Client

What we do

We work with you in a strategic, collaborative partnership to match your organisation with people that will make a difference. We get to know you on a personal level and use our expertise to open your world to different options. And if we believe there is a better way, we talk about it and challenge where constructive to do so.

Our immersive understanding of the transport sector means that strategic context is second nature. Because we know individual organisations so well, we instinctively spot if a candidate is a fit for your personality, challenges, and way of working.

What we do

How we do it

From the outset we develop a relationship with key decision makers. Their perspectives are invaluable to finding that perfect candidate and getting to know your organisation on a deeper level. By taking this approach, we understand your objectives and deliverables, and pinpoint a culture fit between you and a candidate.

We also connect clients to a diverse and inclusive talent network, helping to develop a more inclusive workforce that supports strategic policies and fresh, innovative thinking.

How we do it

What it's like
working with us

We’re dedicated to diversity and inclusion. We’re proud of our exceptional results for diverse placements, and will always put forward the best person for the job.

We also understand that an Executive is a high value addition you want to keep on board, and our incredible retention rate speaks for itself. For candidates, we know that a new role is a life changer. Therefore, we strive for authentic conversations from day one, setting the stage for a rewarding transport career.

What it's like <br>working with us

Intuitive Talent Solutions are welcoming exceptional candidates to join our network. Whether you’ve years of transport experience or are beginning an exciting new career in the sector. and whether it’s an interim or permanent role you are seeking, Intuitive would love to hear from you. Download our brochure to learn about the candidate experience and hear from senior leaders whom we have placed in executive positions.

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