Unleash leadership confidence and accelerate delivery speed with executive onboarding support for senior leaders.

The 90 Day Accelerator is a bespoke onboarding programme offered as part of Intuitive’s executive search service and delivered by leadership development experts, Metisblue.
The programme combines our expertise in c-suite recruitment and leadership onboarding to help high-value candidates make an impact faster.

The first three months lay the groundwork for success and our individual support is crafted with that in mind. Our goal is to unleash the potential shown during interviews – complementing current onboarding to ensure newly-hired leaders settle in quickly and can fast-track delivery.

The 90 Day Accelerator is a unique value-add for Intuitive clients and candidates. You won’t get this level of executive onboarding support anywhere else, and transport organisations are already benefiting from the programme.

Key Programme Benefits

Establish a strong value proposition that’s attractive to the strongest candidates in an extremely competitive talent market.

Increase your offer-to-acceptance ratio for senior appointments with value-add support designed to accelerate success.

Get the best possible results in 90 days with continuous leadership support that’s focused on the task at hand.

Improve retention rates by instilling confidence and enabling candidates to make the difference that drives them.


Who We Help

Clients who want to hire
Do you want incredible leaders who will hit the ground running? Amplify your EVP with the 90 Day Accelerator Programme to attract and enable high-value talent.

Candidates who want to succeed
Are you a senior leader motivated by making a difference and delivering impressive results? The 90 Accelerator Programme can help you put your ideas into action faster.

Clients who want to retain
Are you eager to unleash the potential of senior appointments and keep up momentum? Our programme ensures a strong start that is rewarding for client and candidate alike.

How It Works

Hear how the 90 Day Accelerator Programme works, directly from the specialists who designed and deliver it – Laurent Bouvier and Nina Lockwood.


We start by building the 90 Day Accelerator Programme into the recruitment process – whether you’re hiring or seeking a leadership position. Success-driven onboarding has strong talent attraction credentials as part of an EVP. Therefore, when presented as part of a benefits package, it will appeal to candidates most interested in continuous development and encourage them to accept offers.

Once an offer is accepted, Intuitive introduces you and your new senior leader to Metisblue. Together, we will coordinate an onboarding programme that factors in our combined knowledge and leadership goals for all parties, and plan how we assimilate with your current onboarding processes.

A Metisblue 90 Day Accelerator coach works with a new appointment to appraise the situation, set a clear and compelling vision and build the human capacity to deliver the plan. We focus on the critical skills for senior leaders: the ability to create, empower and lead a winning team.

The Intuitive and Metisblue teams will work as an extension of your team, while remaining fully independent. We are here to support newly-appointed leaders, even when not in session, and we pride ourselves on authentic, proactive and clear communication.


Success Stories

Hear from Transport organisations and senior leaders with first-hand experience of how the 90 Day Accelerator Programme enriches executive onboarding.


Get In Touch

Do you think our 90 Day Accelerator Programme could help you or your newly-hired leaders fast-track value delivery? Well, we’d love to hear from you!

Please get in touch with Intuitive Talent Solutions to learn more about the programme and share more about your leadership onboarding goals.