Rapid transformation, ongoing uncertainty and talent attraction pressures at the top mean that an interim executive’s services are more valuable than ever.

Especially so in rail and transport – a sector navigating significant challenges and urgent change in areas such as sustainability, digital transformation, efficiency, passenger revenue, talent retention and workplace culture.

As such, the case for interim leaders – versatile transformation specialists with unmatched delivery skills – is a strong one. Not only can they take on the largest of challenges with resiliency and focus, but their aptitude for solving problems to intense timelines means faster time to value and very often, results from day one.

Whether your transport organisation needs to augment skill, speed, ideas or accountability, interim executives can be a powerful, pointed addition to your senior leadership team.

As a specialist talent consultancy placing interim executives in transport organisations, we wanted to share our insights, experiences and best practices for making the most of interim leadership assignments. From identifying your initial need to scoping what good looks like and evaluating success, our guide should help bring clarity to your interim recruitment process.

Download the Guide to Interim Leadership Assignments in Transport here.

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